Wind4ind PPA

Welcome to Wind4ind, the expert centre on Power Purchase Agreements. We specialise in PPAs.


Wind4ind works for either wind/solar-farm developers, power-users or financial institutions. We provide needed services around Power Purchase Agreements.

We contract major end-consumers, such as industry, datacenters and major companies directly to windfarm- and solarfarm- or other asset-developers. These direct PPAs, or sometimes called corporate PPAs, provide major benefits for both sides. The direct PPAs are recent developments. Given the increased financing benefits and increased corporate sustainability targets, these PPAs are strongly on the rise.

We also work for developers and developer-utilities to close major PPAs. We are also hired by financial investors to safeguard their interests around PPAs.

On this website you will find extensive information on wind PPA and solar PPA and on our services you can use.

Firstly, you will find more information on the typical building blocks which make up a direct PPA. There are five separate building blocks, which will be each explained.

First on how to deal with long-term grey power contract. Second on how to deal with price guarantees and the risks, costs and value they bring. Third on Guarantees of Origins, or so-called green certificates, which make your PPA a green PPA. Fourth on the specifics of intermittent power: the variability from wind/solar, the imbalance management due to unpredictability and the optimisation potential from tactics such as dispatch down. Fifth on the number of offtakers in the PPA, from one to several joint offtakers.

Secondly, the advantages of a direct PPA are clearly set. This is done for windfarm and solar farms, where the advantages strongly focus on lower financing costs. And it is done for the industrial end-users, where the advantages are higher sustainability partnerships and lower costs.

Thirdly, you can see in more detail the professional services you can expect from us to realise your wind PPAs and solar PPAs.

Finally, you will find more background about Wind4ind, the history from having started from realizing wind power for the industry (wind4ind) and the services we can offer you.