About us

Wind4ind is not an energy company, but a privately held company consisting of highly experienced senior professionals with independent positions. Our professionals have worked in energy project development (e.g. wind and solar development), energy sales, energy consulting, energy trading, energy procurement and in energy-intensive industry. Our networks in energy are strong.


Marten Turksema                 Sjoerd Sieburgh

Managing Partner                Partner Founder

Wind4ind was created in 2014 to link a consortium of major energy users with major windfarm projects. While corporate PPAs in the United States were rising due to tax incentives, PPAs in the rest of the world were still traditional, with most windfarms and solarfarms selling power to retailing utilities.

With the arrival of Wind4ind we are changing the field of PPAs. Major energy users are becoming aware of the great advantages, but also the specific challenges. Non-traditional windfarm developers are approaching us for increased bankability and the desire to make transparent deals with sustainable companies.

We have closed significant power purchase agreement. Ranging from 50 to 150MW. References are available on request.

We are headquartered in the Netherlands and provide services throughout the world.

Wind4ind can help you in creating the best and most profitable PPAs partnerships to make a more sustainable future.